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    Hussainiah of San Antonio Texas
    حسينية سان انتونيو تكساس
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    Help us Build our Center
    The Estimated cost is around $150,000 to $120,000.
    we have raised $10,000 so Far.
    ساهم بالاجر بتوسعة بناية الحسينية
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Hussainiah of San Antonio Texas -HSAT would like to call all faithful people to donate or lend money to HSAT in order to pay the full price of the new place before starting of Muharram 1435H. HSAT is non profit organization registered in the state of Texas. The place will be used to perform the daily prayer and to hold programs and activities of the organization.
The price of the new place is $160000. Over the last few months, HSAT has tried to get a loan from local banks. Because of new regulations, it could not get it. So, in order to get the place before Muharram which has usually the biggest events in the entire year, and to avoid paying interests to a bank, HSAT decide to call all faithful community members for donating or lending.
If some one would rather like to lend HSAT any amount of money with no interest, he or she is most welcome. There will be a proof letter signed by the organization which shows the amount of loan for each lender. All personal loans should be paid back before the end of 2015.

Location of the New Place

The new place is located on I-10 highway around the medical center area. It is in the middle point in between the universities. Most of the Islamic centers and international market are located in the same area. The majority of faithful refugees live in the same area as well.

The Address of the new location

عنوان المقر الجديد

3727 Ticonderoga Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230

The Plan of the New Place

The total area of the place is about 14000SF (1250SM). It has a house that can be used for men and women halls plus two rest rooms and a kitchen. Part of the backyard could be constructed and combined with the current huge garage to form new big hall (1200SF).

  • Two halls (M & F).
  • Two restrooms (M & F).
  • Children room and Kitchen.
  • Part of the backyard could be constructed and combined with the current huge garage to form new big hall.

How to donate or lend to HSAT

You can come in person or use credit cards or Paypal account to donate one time or every month. To do so, kindly click on the button or link below:

Email: hsat@hsatexas.org
For more information send email or call: (+1)210-461-6473
Hussainiah of San Antonio Texas -HSAT
البريد الإلكتروني: hsat@hsatexas.org
للإقراض يمكن التواصل المباشر ببريد الحسينية أو هاتف: (+1)210-461-6473
حسينية سان أنطونيو، تكساس
نرجو ايصال هذه الرسالة لأهل الخير والإحسان من المؤمنين والدال على الخير كفاعله